After graduating from law school I had to decide what I really wanted to do. I am not really a litigator. I believe most disputes can be solved if the people involved come in with an open mind, I gravitated to mediation. I felt there were voices not being heard. Not just those of the couple divorcing, but those of the children involved as well.

So often between hurt and fear, the divorcing couple forgets there are children involved. Children who are real people with real feelings, not just pawns to be used in the process of divorce. If the divorcing couple can remember that -although they will not always be husband and wife-they will always be mom and dad, they are miles ahead of their litigating counterparts and will likely benefit from mediation.

So “Why mediation?” The benefits of using a mediator include:

  1. Mediation is less adversarial.
  2. Oten saves time.
  3. More cost-effective than a litigated divorce.
  4. Mediation is confidential.
  5. Mediation based on settling disputes rather than placing the blame with one particular person.

It is shown that where parties work together toward a mutual agreement, the likelihood of compliance with the agreement and future cooperation is much better.

In mediation you are in control. You make the decision, not a judge. You can adiscuss and reach agreements on such issues as: custody, visitation, parenting plans, support and division of your debts and assets. You can discuss things in mediation that you would not be able to discuss in a courtroom.

Many couples ask “Is mediation for me?” If you both approach the process with an open mind and respect for the other person and the process, chances are you will most likely benefit from mediation.

By working together, you may be able to save a lot of time and money as compared to a traditional litigated divorce. An added benefit is that you both control the outcome. Instead of being part of the adversarial process you are part of the healing process.

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